SOROKA 1. Textbook

Russian as a foreign language for children


Avery M.

Textbook "SOROKA 1" is written for children aged 7-9 who are just beginning to study Russian as a foreign language.

Комплекс включает

Workbook with answers for the course

The educational and methodological complex ” SOROKA. Russian language for children” consists of three levels, each level consists of three parts: a textbook, a workbook, and a teacher’s book.

The textbook contains colorful illustrations, dialogues are presented in the form of comics, and there are many interesting games and activities to help your students learn Russian as a foreign language.

You can listen to the audio for the textbook on the website or download it to your computer for free.

SOROKA 1. Textbook

To continue the course, the textbook "SOROKA 2"