Workbook "Let's Go!" part 1.1

Russian language for adults.


Chernyshov S. I.

Chernyshova A. V.

The complex is designed for beginners starting to learn Russian from scratch and consists of two parts (1.1 and 1.2). The course is typically for 80–120 hours of classroom work and brings students to the A2 level.

The complex includes:

Workbook with answers for the course
Audio applications

The course’s goal is to quickly integrate language material into speech based on interconnected learning of all types of speech activities.

It organically combines communicative and grammatical approaches, modern topics, and lively conversational language.

The video course with teaching recommendations for the teacher is available on the authors’ website

You can watch the authors’ webinar at the following link:

Workbook "Let's Go!" part 1.1