Adaptation Support

Adaptation of compatriots in Turkey involves several crucial aspects to facilitate the process of adjusting to a new environment. Here are some key aspects of adaptation:


  1. Language: Learning the Turkish language can significantly ease everyday communication and interaction with the surrounding environment. Language courses and language practice can be helpful.


  1. Cultural Awareness: Understanding Turkish culture, traditions, and customs will help in better interaction with the local population.


  1. Education: If you have children, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the Turkish education system and choose suitable educational institutions.


  1. Healthcare: Study the healthcare system in Turkey, familiarize yourself with medical services, and address insurance matters.


  1. Employment: If you plan to work in Turkey, learn about the job market, employment requirements, and professional development opportunities.


  1. Community: Joining Russian-speaking or international communities can help build a social network and provide support.


  1. Housing Matters: Research the housing market, rental regulations, and address accommodation needs based on your requirements.


  1. Legal Support: Knowledge of basic legal aspects of residing in Turkey can be crucial. Consultation with a lawyer may be beneficial.


Adaptation is a unique process for each family or individual, and it’s important to consider personal needs and circumstances. Seeking support from local organizations, communities, and centers, such as the Russian Cultural and Educational Center, can be helpful.