Apostille Services

Apostille services in Ankara typically involve the authentication of documents for international use. The process of obtaining an apostille is usually handled by government authorities. In Turkey, the competent authority for issuing apostilles is the Governor’s Office (Valilik).


If you need to apostille a document in Ankara, you generally follow these steps:


  1. Notarization: Ensure that your document is notarized by a Turkish notary public. The notary will authenticate the document.


  1. Governor’s Office (Valilik): Take the notarized document to the Governor’s Office in Ankara. This office is usually responsible for issuing apostilles.


  1. Apostille Issuance: Submit your document along with any required fees to the Governor’s Office. They will affix the apostille, which is a special certificate validating the notary’s signature and seal.


It’s essential to check with the local authorities or the Governor’s Office in Ankara for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the apostille process, as procedures may vary. If you have specific documents or questions, it’s advisable to contact the Governor’s Office directly or seek assistance from a legal professional.


Here are the general contact details for the Governor’s Office in Ankara:


Governor’s Office (Ankara Valiliği) Address:

Meşrutiyet Cad. No:43, 06660 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey


Please note that these details are provided based on general procedures, and you may need to verify the specifics with the relevant authorities.